The European Astrobiology Institute (EAI) will be a consortium of European research and higher education institutions and organisations as well as other stakeholders aiming to carry out research, training, outreach and dissemination activities in astrobiology in a comprehensive and coordinated manner and thereby securing a leading role for the European Research Area in the field.

An Interim Board was formed consisting of members and employees of the main stakeholders in this field in the European Research Area (ESA, ESF, ISSI, German Aerospace Centre, CNRS, CNES, INAF, Europlanet, EANA, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Centro de Astrobiolog√≠a, etc.) to prepare the creation of the EAI.  It has elaborated a draft Action Plan mapping out the tasks, structure, governing bodies, activities, funding and administration of the EAI. This Action Plan has been finalised and is open for discussion with the whole European astrobiology community in summer 2018. Recruitment of institutions will take place in autumn and winter 2018/19 and the first General Assembly of the EAI is planned for spring 2019. 

On this website you will find information on the proposed aims, the suggested structure, the envisaged forms of membership as well as the composition of the Interim Board. Documents available on this site include:

  • the detailed Action plan of the EAI
  • an executive summary
  • a promotional folder
  • the communiques of the past meetings of the EAI Interim Board

A forum has been set up for discussion on all aspects of the proposed EAI. Furthermore, information events about the EAI will be held at the following astrobiology-related events:

The first General Assembly of the EAI is planned in late spring 2019. We are looking forward to welcoming your institution as paricipant into the EAI. Meanwhile, we are interested in your views and hope that you find the information available on this site useful.