Project Teams

The EAI has 6 Project Teams to work on a diversity of astrobiology-related topics. Project Teams work on special, focused research questions and projects. Learn more about our Project Teams below:


Astrobiology and Art

Protoplanetary disks and their physical and chemical processes

The team studies the importance of chemical processing of interstellar organic matter within protoplanetary disks during their formation and evolution.

Mars Sample Return

The MSR-PT aims to support the preparation and realization of the Mars Sample Return (MSR) initiative, focusing on the European contribution for astrobiology aspects, and also working concurrently with related international efforts, mainly the activities of ESA and NASA. This project team will support the scientific agenda of MSR by direct research activities (providing expertise in astrobiological disciplines indispensable for MSR, such as microbiology, paleobiology, mineralogy, geology, geochemistry, planetology, chemistry, planetary protection, philosophy etc.). The project team will initiate collaborations, which will widen participation using the interdisciplinary links provided the EAI between their members.

Impacts and their role in the evolution of Planets, Moons, and Life

The team will provide an interdisciplinary forum of scientists from different backgrounds. It will also explore the potential of impacts as subjects for Science Training, Education and Outreach.

Tracing Life and Identifying Habitable Environments

To pave the way for optimal interpretation of (near)-future findings, the team will aim to identify a common nomenclature by establishing a classification of tracers related to habitability and life.