New research fellowship opportunity: The Natural Sciences Programme

The Institut Origines from Marseille (France), whose dual goals are to develop intensive and interdisciplinary research and establish a Graduate School that will train the future researchers in the field of Astrobiology, is looking for a young scientist with expertise in at least one of the following fields: experimental astrochemistry, the formation and evolution of planetary systems, including the Solar System. More specifically, the proposed research will have to be compatible with the research programs conducted at our Institute whose implications and interests are as follows: i) exploitation of ground-/space- based observations of exoplanets and Solar System bodies (e.g., JWST, ELT, PLATO, ARIEL), ii) exploitation of data acquired by Solar System interplanetary missions (Bepi-Colombo, MMX, JUICE, Europa-Clipper, Comet Interceptor), iii) laboratory characterization of extraterrestrial matter (interplanetary dust particles, meteorites, extraterrestrial samples returns) and/or analogues of extraterrestrial materials (e.g., organics, ices, etc..), and iv) development of laboratory experiments related to the exploitation of observational data. The hired person will have to demonstrate a strong potential to propose news ideas that differ from what already exists in our Institute, as well as an ability to work in a highly interdisciplinary environment.

The open position (tenure track) will become permanent (civil servant position at the Professor level) after 3 to 5 years provided that the hired candidate has managed to conduct a successful research program during this time span. The teaching activities will be reduced during the first 3 years (64h/year) before getting back to normal (192h/year), allowing the candidate to start his/her research program with more flexibility. The teaching activity will be both at the Bachelor and Master level. The position comes with guaranteed funding (270 000 euros), allowing the recruitment of at least one PhD student and one postdoc along with funding to buy equipment and to attend international conferences.

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3 PHD Positions

The Young Researcher Program YRP@Graz welcomes applications for 3 PhD positions. YRP@Graz is jointly supported by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Graz University of Technology, and the University of Graz.

The application process has two stages with which we aim to decrease selection biases:
Stage 1) applications are submitted through an anonymised form (deadline: July 1st)
Stage 2) selected applicants are invited for an interview.

Our expectations for our candidates:
-- We look for early career researchers who are interested in an interdisciplinary exchange based on a solid university education in at least one subject of natural sciences or engineering.
-- We aim for PhD candidates who would like to actively join our YRP@Graz initiative, helping to develop the tradition of the involved institutes.
-- We look for excellent researchers who have the courage to cross scientific borders in a responsible way and to support our international societies with their research.
-- We search for team players who aspire to continue their skill development as well as to support the research location Graz.

More details about the offered projects can be found here: