How to join?

If your institution wants to join, please undertake the following steps:

1. Know more about the EAI

Read the relevant documents, especially the EAI-MoU (Memorandom of Understanding (and the Statutes and the Membership Fees of the EAI) thoroughly.

2. Circulate the information

Circulate the Memorandum of Understanding and, if you wish, the Executive Summary and the Invitation letter with relevant decision makers at your institution.

3. Membership status

Deliberate if your entity wants to become a Core Organisation or Participant Organisation. The final decision about the form of membership of entities participating in the EAI rests with the Management Committee and, in case of disagreement, the General Assembly.

4. Email the EAI chair

Contact the Management Committee via A simple e-mail is enough.

5. Sign the Memorandum

After positive decision by the Interim Board let the relevant person at your institution sign the Memorandum of Understanding. Send the signed Memorandum of Understanding in 2 copies to:
Nicolas Walter
European Science Foundation
1, quai Lezay-Marnésia - BP 90015 67080 Strasbourg Cedex

6. Advertise the EAI

Advertise the EAI at your entity and build a Local Group. Herein our leaflet might be useful.

7. Join us in the next General Assembly

Join us at the Biannual European Astrobiology Conference (BEACON) in La Palma Island, Canary Islands, Spain, at which the next General Assembly will be held.

Joining as an individual: 

Please note that EAI is a network of institutions, thus a membership of individuals is not possible. However, individual scientists and students from all over the world can join the Working Groups.

Working groups are in principle open to all interested scientists and students, but acceptance of new members is at the discretion of the Leader of the relevant Working Group. Memberships of Working Groups are free.