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EAI regularly runs summer schools, conferences, and other events. Please see the upcoming events below.

Upcoming Events

Teneguia volcano (1971)

Planetology, Exploration, Terrestrial analogs, Robotics, Astrobiology, Spectroscopy Summer School

10-24 June 2024


Tartu, Estonia

Micro and Nanosatellites in Planetary Science Workshop

23-31 August 2024

Tartu, Estonia


Impacts and their Role in the Evolution of Life Conference

3-6 September 2024

Nordlingen, Germany


Social, Legal, and Ethical Frontiers in Space Exploration Conference

23-25 September 2024

Kiruna, Sweden


Biennial European Astrobiology Confrence (BEACON 2025)

1-5 July 2025

Harpa Conference & Concert Hall, Reykjavik, Iceland