Upcoming Events

AbGradE 10th Anniversary- EAI Summer School

Summer School
  • 20-24 May 2024
  • Florence, Italy

EAI General Assembly

General Assembly
  • 4-6 June 2024
  • Hessenpark Open Air Museum, Frankfurt, Germany

Volcanoes and volcanic environments

Summer School
  • 10-24 June 2024
  • Italy

Micro and nanosatellites in planetary science

Workshop/Summer School
  • 23-31 August 2024
  • Tartu, Estonia

Astrobiology and Society

  • September 2024
  • Kiruna, Sweden


  • 1-5 July 2025
  • Reykjavik, Iceland

Inaugural workshop on nuclear astrochemistry, 26 February 2024 - 01 March 2024

In this workshop we plan to introduce the ideas of a new interdisciplinary field ‘Nuclear astrochemistry’. This brings together disparate fields of nuclear physics with the rapidly emerging field of astrochemistry to explore the processes of star formation (and death) and planet formation and how they create the conditions that may allow life to evolve and be sustained. In the workshop, the first of its kind, we will bring together leading experts in these fields together with early career researchers who will develop this new field through observations (using JWST), theoretical models and simulations and laboratory studies to address the fundamental questions of how the elements and molecules of life are created in the universe and the consequences for the search for life beyond Earth and our solar system.


RED Training School - 2024

The Red training school will take place in Le Teich in France from March 17th – 23rd, 2024. Application deadline is 15th January 2024! Check out the website: https://red-astrobiology.fr/ 

Summer School for Sample Return 24-28 June 2024, Observatoire Haute-Provence, France

This summer school, run by the Institut Origines at Aix-Marseille University and the Origins theme from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, will provide a unique platform to access both basic and cutting edge knowledge related to the study of the origin of terrestrial planets and life based on the analysis of extraterrestrial samples in Earth laboratories. We will have a particular focus on recent and future sample return missions. This multdisciplinary summer school will address domains including cosmochemistry, astrobiology, astrophysics, planetology, and more. We will learn through lectures and practicals from our large set of world experts as well as from more informal exchanges through a series of round tables with dedicated topics. Furter information is available at:


Exoplanets by the Lake II: Geoastronomy, July 21-26 2024

A focused summer school on the geosciences of exoplanets at Lake Ammer (Ammersee).

The distinctive features of the summer school include:

  • Emphasis on in-person interaction at an attractive, self-contained venue with at most 20 participants. The number of participants is kept small in order to encourage unrestricted, interactive discussions among exoplanet scientists of all sub-disciplines and seniority.
  • The event will be held for 5.5 days (5 nights). The first 3 weekdays involve pedagogical lectures during the day. There is an optional half-day excursion, via ship on the lake. The last 2 days feature a mini-conference format, where a small number of invited experts share their views and interact with the participants. Participants have the chance to contribute short talks, if desired.

The intended audience of this summer school ranges from Master students to junior postdocs. Both experts and curious newcomers to the topic are welcome to attend. Senior scientists who are intending to switch research directions and/or attending as active listeners are also welcome.

Application deadine: 31 March 2024

For details check the website: https://exoplanetslake.github.io/