Annual Membership​

Core Organisations
Participant Institutions

All core organisations and participating institutions are entitled to send one delegate to the General Assembly. Their members and employees are eligible for all positions in the EAI (Chairs, Vice Chairs, Working Group Leaders and Deputy Leaders) and refunds for attending meetings and other events of the EAI from funds stemming from the membership fees.

Affiliated groups

Affiliated group will have the right to obtain funding from EAI but are not represented in the General Assembly and their members are not eligible for executive positions (Chair, Vice-Chair, Working Group Leaders and Working Group Deputy Leaders of the EAI). 

Frequently asked questions

The decision of acceptance of member entities and their status will lie with the Management Committee. Entities discontent with the decision of the Management Committee have the right to appeal against it to the General Assembly. 

The funds will be solely used for activities of the EAI. Only people from member entities (core organisations, participant institutions and affiliated groups) will be eligible for refunds from financial means stemming from the membership fees. The only exception to this rule are refunds for invited speakers at meetings and lecturers at training events. If the EAI obtains additional funding from other sources the rules from the financing agency apply for that part of the funding. EAI will be an organisation of institutions, and, consequently, no membership of individuals is planned.