How to become an astrobiologist - an early career perspective

This seminar is part of the EAI on-line seminars

By Ruth-Sophie Taubner, Silvana Pinna, Ben Tatton - AbGRADE Representatives-

While watching the talks given in the EAI seminars, have you ever asked yourself: how did the speaker become an astrobiologist? Or maybe even the more burning question: how do I become an astrobiologist? In this episode of the EAI seminar series, three early career astrobiologists working in different fields of this thrilling field of science will give you an insight into the amazing world of being an astrobiologist. All three are committee members of AbGradE, the Astrobiology Graduates in Europe. AbGradE serves as a platform to promote networking amongst early-career scientists and students in astrobiology, space science and other related fields. The speakers will guide you through their own career paths so far, hopefully leaving you with some helpful hints and tricks for your own career, and present to you an overview about the astrobiological landscape in Europe.