Statement of the European Astrobiology Institute concerning the situation in Ukraine

As a multilateral and multidisciplinary entity whose main task is to promote European cooperation within science, we deeply regret that war again is raging in Europe. Our solidarity is with our Ukrainian colleagues and the Ukrainian people who are suffering from an unjustified war of aggression imposed on them by unscrupulous leaders of a neighbouring country. This solidarity also extends to Russian scientists, students and members of the general public who express their opposition to this war and therefore face brutal repression.

Ukrainian scientists have accomplished many important contributions to space science including astrobiology. Also, Ukrainian students and researchers have been engaged participants in European astrobiology-related meetings and summer schools.

Several institutions in Europe are already offering temporary positions for Ukrainian researchers having to flee their home country. The EAI will soon publish a list of those of potential interest for astrobiology on its website. Regretfully, we have to state that the EAI lacks the financial means to make similar offers. However, the institute will endeavour to provide funding for a number of Ukrainian researchers and students to attend our meetings and training events.

We also express our hope to aid Ukrainian research and higher education institutions to fully restart their activities once the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored.