Science Fiction as a tool for Astrobiology outreach and Education

“Science Fiction as a tool for Astrobiology outreach and Education” is an EAI Project Team.

Project Team Coordinator & Deputy
Julie Nováková

Charles University Prague, Czech Republic

  • to create educational and outreach materials (books, stories, videos, games…) popularizing science through science fiction,
  • to develop an axis of research on the history and nature of the links between science and fiction, as well as the role of the imagination of science fiction in science,
  • to provide fora to foster exchanges between writers and scientists around the topics the European Astrobiology Institute scientists are working on. Such fora can take the form of writing workshops, led by authors and scientists, partnerships with European festivals, conferences and roundtables.
  • Strangest of All: a publicly available e-book of astrobiology-themed science fiction stories and popular science articles with classroom resources
  • Life Beyond Us: a book of original science fiction stories inspired by astrobiology and accompanied by popular science essays