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The EAI 4th General Assembly

The EAI 4th General Assembly will take place in the afternoon of 3 June 2022 at Åkersberg Stiftsgård, Höör, Sweden during the workshop: Astrobiology and Society (3-4 June 2022).

  1. EAI will pay for the accommodation and meals in single rooms for delegates from the participating entities of the EAI for the whole duration of the conference. Core Organisations may nominate up to 2 delegates and participating institutions one.
  2. The GA itself will be held as a hybrid event, people can attend remotely.
  3. To register, please fill in this form. Please also tick the relevant box if you are a delegate. It is up to your institution to decide who functions as a delegate.
  4. Please send the registration form per e-mail attachment on May1st, 2022 at the latest to david.duner@kultur.lu.se, wgeppert@fysik.su.se AND to  info@akersberg.se. Sending this form implies a hotel room booking. In case of cancellation after May 1st 2022, substantial fees can be charged by the hotel.
  5.  If you already registered for the conference this is sufficient to get meals and accommodation. However, please send an email to wgeppert@fysik.su.se if you are a delegate. Please also fill in the form if you are a delegate and attend remotely.
  6. All practical information (access to venue etc.) is available at the conference. website: http://www.nordicastrobiology.net/Hoor2022/
  7. Motions to the General Assembly should be submitted to me (wgeppert@fysik.su.se)until 10 May 2022 at the latest. Every affiliate of a participating entity of the EAI can submit a motion to the EAI General Assembly.
  8. If you are interested to take part in the pre-conference outing to Stevns Klint (CT boundary) please have a look at: http://www.nordicastrobiology.net/Ven2022/Programme.html. You can be picked up on 2nd June 2022 in the morning on Copenhagen Airport, the excursion finishes at the GA venue.

We look forward to meeting you in Höör!


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