Abstracts Submission

Deadline: January 31st
We encourage interested scientists and students in Astrobiology from Europe and beyond to register and submit their abstracts for BEACON 2022. Your abstract should be covering one of BEACON topics.


Evolution and Traces of Early Life and Life under Extreme Condition

Biosignatures and the Detection of Life beyond Earth

Historical, Philosophical, Societal and Ethical Issues in Astrobiology

Tracing Life and Identifying Habitable Environments

Impacts and their Role in the Evolution of Planets, Moons and Life

Protoplanetary disks and their physical and chemical processes

Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems and Detection of Habitable Worlds

The Pathway to Complexity: From Simple Molecules to First Life​

Planetary Environments and Habitability​

Abstracts Submission

Submission forms will be available in autumn 2021. Please also remember to register to attend the event.