Azores Field Trip

The Azores field Trip will take place from the 28th October to the 7th of November 2023, after the Summer School “Volcanism, Plate Tectonics, Hydrothermal Vents and Life” 10-22 October, and the Workshop “Life in the Sub-Surface: Habitats, Species, Metabolism and Survival Strategies” 25-27 October. Participants can also join the groupof the Workshop on the 27th to paritcipate to the cave visit. This is an extra fee. 

To register, go to the end of the page and proceed with payment of the registration fees. You will receive a confirmation by email from eai[a] once the payment will be received by the ESF. 


October 27 (Not included in the registration fee)

  • Last day of the “Life in the Sub-Surface: Habitats, Species, Metabolism and Survival Strategies” workshop. Participants to the field trip are invited to join us earlier to participate to the excursion of the workshop: Additional 75€, to be booked here
  • Morning: Last Talks 
  • Afternoon: Excursion to the Algar de Carvão volcano chimney. The Gruta de Natal Lava cave and the Furnas de Enxofre solfatare field. We will have a dinner at an  Azorean restaurant.
Algar do Carvão
Furnas do Enxofre

October 28th

  • Visit to Lava Caves (Principantes, Cueva de Balcoes, etc.) Possibility for sampling in the caves.
  • For those who do not sample: Visit to Biscoitos area after the cave visit. Dinner at Angra

October 29th

  • Lava Caves visit on Terceira
Cueva de Balcoes
Cueva de Balcoes

October 30th

  • Flight to Horta (Faial island), Dinner at Horta. Installation at the hotel were the guest will stay until the next flight to Sao Miguel on the 4th. 

October 31st

  • Visit to Lava caves at Pico (Gruta das Torres, etc.). Possibility to sample. For people who do not sample, a visit to the wine museum and other sights can be organised. Dinner at Pico
Gruta da Torres

November 1st

  • Visit to Lava caves at Pico

November 2nd

  • Round trip on Pico

November 3rd

  • Morning: Visit to Horta.
  • Afternoon: Round trip on Faial and visit of Capelinhos lava field. Dinner at Horta
Capelinhos lava field

November 4th

  • Flight to São Miguel. Evening walk through Terra Nostra Garden. Dinner at Terra Nostra.

November 5th

  • Morning: Visit to Furnas hot springs, Possibility for sampling
  • Afternoon: Walk to Furnas Lake, Dinner at Ribeira Quente
Furnas hot springs

November 6th

  • Facultative touristic excursion (included in the registration rate): Round trip around São Miguel: Visit of Lagoa do Fogo, Cha Gorreana tea plantation, geothermal power station at Ribeira Grande, Sete Cidades. Stay at hotel in Ponta Delgada.

November 7th

Departure of participants (no return to Terceira scheduled)


Azores Field Trip

Per person
Name, Institution, Phone number
Dietary requirements

The fee includes:

– transportations between and on islands

– accommodation in single rooms at good and very good hotels

  • facultative touristic excursion on the 6th around Sao Miguel Island

Not included:

– lunches and dinners (they are not expensive on the Azores)

– entrance fees to sights

– 27th October excursion. To be booked here