Astrobiologists looking for positions


Bachelor's thesis chemistry: Researcher needed

My name is Dianthe van Erp and I'm a third year chemistry student from the University of Amsterdam/Vrije Universiteit. I'm looking for a researcher, in the field of astrobiology, under whose supervision I can write my bachelor's thesis for chemistry in the period of April to June 2023 (three months). This will include either fulfilling a part of ongoing research or performing my own proposed research. The researcher will be accompanied by a professor from my university concerning graduation requirements. I am open to a broad range of subjects and of course able to travel abroad. If you have the time and interest, in the next paragraph a short motivation for entering the field of astrobiology as well as an introduction of myself are provided, but this can be skipped. My full study is called Bèta-Gamma, which is aimed at educating students into interdisciplinary work and research by providing in-depth knowledge in a chosen field (I chose a so-called double major in chemistry and philosophy, extending my study period) as well as theoretical and practical knowledge into interdisciplinarity and research methods of the natural and social sciences. Aside from acquired skills, I am very enthusiastic about interdisciplinary research and especially astrobiology. This field was one of my inspirations to start studying in general. The question of how life began, of alien life and the extreme conditions in which life can thrive fascinate me endlessly. I am 23 years old and a motivated and curious student, exemplified by currently holding an 8.3/10 mean grade (a grade list can be provided), a double major and being enrolled in the interdisciplinary honours programme. I would love to apply and further my gained knowledge in the European astrobiology field.

Application for a PhD in Astrobiology

My name is Egbuim Timothy C., a staff of the Centre for Basic Space Science, National Space Research and Development Agency (CBSS-NASRDA), Nigeria. I am currently in search of a University/ supervisor for a PhD in Astrobiology in Europe. I have a BSc and MSc in Microbiology and Industrial Microbiology, respectively. I have attended many astrobiology schools. Also, I have trained as an amateur astronomer through the Pan-African School for Emerging Astronomers (PASEA). My research interests are in extreme environments, the study of biomolecules and their precursors for the biochemical evolution of life, and the molecular study of stromatolites and craters for ancient precursors of life. My research interests are not limited to the aforementioned, I am dynamic and always willing to adjust.