General features

The first General Assembly of the EAI will be held from May 28th 2019 (morning) until May 30th 2019. Arrival of participants will be on May 27th afternoon and evening and departure on May 31st in the morning.



The schedule of the General Assembly is available now as a .pdf file here.


Invited taks will be 30 min long plus 5 minutes for discussion.The following invited speakers have  agreed to give talks at the meeting:

Doris Breuer, German Aerospace Centre, Germany

Carlos Briones, Centro de Astrobiologia, Spain

David Catling, University of Washington, USA

David Duner, Lund University, Sweden

John Lee Grenfell, German Aerospace Centre, Germany

Emmanuelle Javaux, University of Liege, Belgium

Sijbren Otto, Unniversity of Groningen, The Netherlands

Catherine Walsh, University of Leeds, UK

Frances Westall, CNRS, France

Furthermore, the Scientific Organisation Committee will select a number of conttributed talks from the abstract submitted for the poster session. These will be 20 minutes long plus 5 minutes for discussion. 


Poster session

A poster session will be held on 28 May 2019 in the evening. Poster bords  are gray and 130 cm high and 100 cm wide.


Satellite events

The Astrobiology Graduates in Europe (AbGradE) will hold a meeting for students and Early Career Scientists at the Jaroslav Heyrovsky Institute on 25 and 26 May 2019. For more details contact    


Furthermore, there will be a meeting of the Editors of the Encyclopaedia of Astrobiology on Monday 27th May. For further information contact Muriel Gargaud

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