The General Assembly of the EAI established the following Working Groups at its meeting on 30 May 2019 (Resolution 2)

Scientific Working Groups

  • Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems and Detection of Habitable Worlds (Leader: Antonello Provenzale, CNR Italy,

  • The Pathway to Complexity: From Simple Molecules to First Life (Leader: Thomas Henning, MPIA, Germany,
  • Planetary Environments and Habitability (Leader: Anna Catalina Plesa, German Aerospace Centre, Germany,
  • Evolution and Traces of Early Life and Life under Extreme Conditions (Leader: Emmanuelle Javaux, Université de Liège, Belgium,

  • Biosignatures and the Detection of Life beyond Earth (Leader: Jean-Pierre de Vera, German Aeerospace Centre, Germany,

  • Historical, Philosophical, Societal and Ethical Issues in Astrobiology (Leader: David Dunér, Lund University, Sweden,

Activity Working Groups

  • Policy and Funding (Leader: Nigel Mason, University of Kent, UK,
  • European Astrobiology Campus (Leader: Kalle Kirsimäe, University of Tartu, Estonia, 
  • Field Work and Field Site Management (Leader: Kereszturi Akos, Konkoly Observatory, Hungary,
  • Education (Leader: Riho Motlep, University of Tartu, Estonia,
  • Access to European Research Infrastructures and Analysis Facilities (Leader: Jose Antonio Rodriguez Manfredi,

  • Outreach, Media and Corporate Identity (Leader: Caterina Boccato, INAF, Italy,
  • Dissemination and  Intellectual Output (Leader: Muriel Gargaud, University of Bordeaux, France,
  • Industry Liaison (Yiannis Tsamis, Open University, UK, Czech Republic,

Working groups are in principle open to all interested scientists and students, but acceptance of new members is at the discretion of the Leader of the relevant Working Group.

To join the Working Group please perform the following steps:

  1. Write an e-mail to the relevant Working Group Leader (adresses are above, just remove the @NOSPAM part from the e-mail)AND to shortly stating your background and research field. In case you have been invited by the Working Group Leader to join, send an acceptance mail to the leader and to The latter is necessary since we want to keep a central record of the Working Group Members
  2. If you  applied individually, you will receive a decision from the Working Group Leader. In case of a negative decision you will be given a reason and can appeal  to the Management Committee.
  3. Start interacting with your colleagues in the Working Group.